Multiple biometric systems become mainstream

With the difficulty in the development of biometrics, it may not be possible to use a biometric product alone in the future, but to collect different biometrics through a collection of independent or multiple acquisition methods. Multiple biometric systems such as fingerprints, face images, iris images, etc.
The most representative is fingerprint recognition. Since mobile phone manufacturers apply fingerprint recognition technology to smart phone mobile phones, the concept of fingerprint recognition has reached a household name. In the petroleum and petrochemical industry, fingerprint identification is not only used for personal certification, but also for the management of special items of enterprises, such as storage cabinets used by Sinopec. Only the corresponding person in charge can open the corresponding storage cabinet through fingerprint identification.
Mainly all personal information data is concentrated on one card. Because the main purpose of biometric identification is to control people and tubes, the personnel in the petroleum and petrochemical industry are relatively fast, so the biometrics they use can be very wide, and with the popularity of fingerprint recognition technology, many fingerprint recognition applications can be used. Development and application on the mobile platform, and this type of application mode has been exploding.

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