Access control copy should be taken seriously

According to relevant information, smart card authentication already covers ID, IC, and CPU cards. Mobile phone RF-SIM card authentication is also a new type of authentication mode, which is included in the scope of access control certification. Bio-certified “portable” and “unique” authentication media have greatly improved their security, making them even more developed in the card system with smart card media. According to different system routines and high-end applications, biometric authentication such as fingerprints, palms, faces, and irises are widely used according to different requirements and applications. However, due to the bottleneck of technology development, the biometric authentication model still has certain problems and difficulty in practical application in terms of stability, application cost and difficulty in system construction. In addition, composite authentication modes such as smart card multi-certification, smart card password authentication and biometric card authentication are also applied according to unused security levels and environmental requirements.

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