Access control system management

Access control system management is an important part of the modern security system. With the improvement of the security, advancement and stability requirements of the access control system in China, the commonly used access control systems mainly include fingerprints, palms, irises and RF cards. Representative biometric identification system. Usually, the access control system, also known as the access management control system, is an intelligent management system for managers to enter and exit. Its functions can be summarized as: managing who can access those doors at any time, and providing after-the-fact query reports. Common access control systems include: password access control system, contact card access control system, contactless card access control system, biometric access control system, etc. Such as the use of a wide range of fingerprint access control systems is a classic example. The fingerprint access control system replaces the traditional key and the existing IC and ID card functions with fingers. It utilizes the anisotropy and immutability of human fingerprints to provide users with safe and reliable encryption means. On the acquisition window of the collector, the unlocking task can be completed, and the operation is very simple. Moreover, the loss of the traditional mechanical lock, identification card, password lock, etc. due to the loss and theft of the key, the forgery of the identification card or the deciphering of the password lock is avoided, and the system also has the function of displaying the screen Chinese character, thereby enhancing the protection measures of the access control. The function of security management is realized. Because it uses human biometric fingerprints for identity security identification, using high-tech digital image processing, biometrics and DSP algorithms, etc., for access control security, access control and access control, it should be said that it is an access control system that meets security requirements.

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