The benefits of APP opening

Community APP pain points after the transformation of property management, in addition to subsidies o2o, nothing is good
With smart access control, APP is indispensable. Internet + and traditional enterprise transformation have become the hottest topic today. As a traditional enterprise that has been developed for more than 30 years, the property enterprise accepts the Internet under the wave of mobile Internet. Thinking and management. The transformation began to be a community APP, but the construction and construction of the online platform, the team building, the understanding and practice of the entire community O2O system are all carried out with the mentality of transforming from traditional property services to community O2O services. The huge user value of the community o2o can not be underestimated. As a traditional manager of more than 30 years, the property company is the biggest pain point of the traditional high school. How does the APP made by the property solve the continuation of the user’s stickiness, and the solution to this problem must be based on the just-needed, high-frequency service. The Xiaoyi community smart access control has been done, it uses smart access control and community o2o property services to make a perfect combination. Make his app both functional and social. The intelligent data access control of the Xiaoyan community has promoted the new model of the smart community with practical actions.

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