Multiple management functions of the access card system

Access control card system can achieve a variety of different management functions. For example: access control, attendance, dining, consumption, parking access, patrol check-in, conference sign-in, elevator use, etc. These functions can use equipment from different manufacturers, such as : Access control attendance uses the products of the manufacturer, consumes the products of the manufacturer B, and uses the products of the manufacturer of the parking lot. Everyone agrees to use the card of the same format, then the user holds a card, which is carried out in the software of different manufacturers. Registration, and has access control attendance consumption parking lot management for a variety of purposes. The advantage of this model is that each of the functions can be selected from a variety of products that are highly specialized for the customer’s own use, as long as the same type of card is agreed upon. It can realize a variety of card functions, there is no compatibility problem. Users can choose the best manufacturers in various fields such as access control attendance and consumption to purchase the most suitable products. One system failure will not affect other systems, one system Improper purchase, easy to change and replace with minimal loss.
The disadvantage is that the administrator needs to register the registration card in a different software. However, generally different function managers will be different, for example: attendance is managed by the personnel department, the door is controlled by the security department, and the meal consumption is managed by the dining hall. Instead of interacting with each other, the software can be used separately. (This can be done using metadata-driven technology to make it level-unified).

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