Introduction to biological intelligence lock function

Bio-smart locks, human-specific physical properties for identification, common biometrics include fingerprints, veins, iris scans, and facial recognition. For card recognition, there is no need to carry the card back on the body every day, and there is no “lost” In addition, due to the special structure of the human body, all identifiable targets are not repeatable, so the system is safe and secure.
The disadvantage of this solution is that the cost is expensive, and the physical properties vary according to the environment; for example, changes in humidity may cause slight changes in fingerprints; veins and facial recognition may be deviated with age. More seriously, iris recognition has high requirements for the eye, and if there is an eye disease, these “external factors” may increase the recognition error rate. However, the accuracy of biometric systems continues to increase and costs have declined, so they are gradually being implemented.

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