Access control system market to be developed

The huge market for access control systems is yet to be developed. The use of foreign access control systems is earlier than domestic start-up, and the popularity of use is also higher than domestic. The application of cards to foreign countries is also relatively early. The development of the card has led to the development of access control systems and the formation of large-volume manufacturers. The European and American access control markets have begun to enter the mature stage of the IC card access control system, and the industry has begun to subdivide, and companies that produce only IC cards and card readers have emerged. As the market matures, major companies have begun to show monopoly power due to the accumulation of technology and professionals. With the development of science and technology and the demand for access control systems, many international mainstream access control systems have begun to provide TCP/IP networks as the connection method of the system. Due to years of experience and technical accumulation, the design of foreign access control systems and the products introduced by manufacturers have advantages in system stability and compatibility. Although these products have many functions and good performance, they are generally expensive and complicated to operate. The price of inductive access control systems and fingerprint access control systems currently produced is about 10%-50% lower than similar foreign products.

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