Access control system

Security risks in access control fingerprint identification
Although the access control system of biometrics such as fingerprints, palms, and irises must not only have special features in terms of security, convenience, and manageability, but the fingerprint identification method itself has serious security risks. This biological feature exposed to the outside of the body is relatively easy to replicate.
It has high requirements on the environment and is sensitive to the humidity and cleanliness of the fingers. Dirty, oil and water will not be recognized or affect the results of identification; some people or certain groups have fewer fingerprints or even no fingerprints. Therefore, it is difficult to image; for low-quality fingerprints such as peeling and scratches, it is difficult to identify and have a low recognition rate. It is difficult for some special people such as manual workers who have more old hands to register and identify. Injuries, eyes can not appear red and swollen bleeding, the face can not be injured, and even the number of beards will affect the accuracy and sensitivity of the identifier.

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