The characteristics of the access card system

The features of the access control card system include
1. Rights management sets, changes, cancels, and restores access rights for personnel.
2, powerful and flexible rights management function can specify what permissions an operator has and can set the scope of its rights management. This function is in line with Party A’s usage habits and is a unique feature that enhances the competitive advantage of the product.
3. The professional OPC interface can easily integrate the access control system into almost all building automation systems through this interface.
4, combined with the calendar calendar can be set to use different opening methods for different time periods.
5. Video linkage function can realize seamless integration of access control and video system. It is easy to realize video capture and convenient query management of door-point events to enhance system value.
6. The alarm workstation uses the electronic map and graphical interface design to visually display the current status of each device and door point. The SMS and telephone alarm functions of the alarm workstation can be reported by voice and SMS, and a five-level obstacle can be set to form a closed loop of faults and problem points.
7, online patrol without additional hardware costs graphical interface can easily complete the patrol route layout and patrol personnel management.
8. The conference sign-on can comprehensively and effectively manage the conference room without additional hardware cost on the basis of the access control. (Conference check-in system interface).

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