Convenience brought by smart access control

More intelligent than traditional access control. APP one-click opening is a gospel for those who often forget to bring a access card like Xiaobian. You can open the door directly with your mobile phone. In addition, the password unlocking function makes it easier for the user to inform the visiting friends and relatives of the password without having to open the door for verification. At the same time, the password is time-sensitive and can only be used once, which is worthy of safety. Visiting the video capture function not only allows the user to intuitively understand the visitor information, but also quickly locks the suspect through the retained image in the event of a security accident, facilitating the public security department to detect the case. The video function at the door can also let the user know the information at the front of the door at any time. In case of bad weather such as wind and rain, it can be dealt with in advance. Social functions are also good for promoting neighborhood relationships. From the perspective of property, the information announcement no longer has to go door-to-door notifications, and does not need to post tips, not only saves paper, beautifies the environment, and kills two birds with one stone.

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