The demand for access control in the financial system is very huge

The access control card market has experienced decades of evolution and development, and has evolved from simple physical protection and entrance management to integrated management. In the stage of diversified development, the company spares no effort to develop functions with core competitiveness and build brand influence, pushing the market for access control cards to the era of Internet of Things. According to statistics, from 2015 to 2016, the output value of security products exceeded 180 billion, of which access control/incoming/intelligent locks accounted for 12%-14% of the output value of products, and this year is expected to exceed the market scale of 10 billion. Through technological innovation and market upgrades, traditional magnetic stripe card technology and proximity card technology have been difficult to meet market demand, and customers expect to subvert the technology of the access control card market to obtain greater market space and product profit margin. With the popularity of smartphones, a change in the access control market is taking place to change the habits of users. From an application perspective, there are good demand for access control systems in industries such as finance, transportation, commercial office buildings, government units, large group companies, real estate, hotels, and education. According to the cycle characteristics of the industry development, it is expected that in the next two years, the financial system will have access control for a large number of outlets, and the demand for access control is very large. It is estimated that the scale of access control card products will reach 10 billion in 2020, and the growth rate is expected to reach 6% or more.

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