Face recognition is inseparable from surveillance photos

Face recognition is inseparable from surveillance photos, cloud platform is inseparable from network communication, which is another major feature of AMB in 2016: the cross-border and system integration of manufacturers has injected new vitality into the traditional security industry. It also brings new opportunities and challenges. Many companies that used to focus on algorithms have set up independent booths in 2016, and combined with traditional security products, they have released many security products with “Internet” genes – a very important part of which is access control and speed communication. Doors and other entrance and exit control equipment.
Taking Hikvision’s access control products as an example, the leading manufacturers in the industry are looking for a transition to system solutions and providing integrated, one-stop industry solutions, many of which have issued access control, personnel access, and visual pairs. Product lines such as speaking and alarming can basically cover the various subsystems of conventional weak power security, and use the integrated platform to form their own unique advantages, which not only improves the delivery efficiency, but also improves the end user experience.

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