US smart lock market capacity

According to statistics, in 2014, the annual sales volume of national locks reached 2.2 billion, and the commercial market demand for smart locks alone reached 1.5 million sets. In 2015, the US smart lock market capacity soared to 2 million sets; The shipment of smart locks in the United States has reached 3 million sets, with an output value of between 300 million and 500 million yuan. At the same time, according to Yi Guan estimates, the smart lock industry growth rate will be 101.1% in 2017, the market sales will reach 8.137 million sets; the market growth rate will be 98.3% in 2018, the market sales will reach 16.163 million sets; the industry growth rate will still be 2019 It will be as high as 95.4%, and the market sales will reach 32.247 million sets by then.
According to the “2017-2022 fingerprint lock industry analysis and development prospects research report”, the annual national real estate decoration market scales hundreds of billions of yuan, of which the national door lock has a market of tens of billions; the national renovation and second-hand real estate renovation needs The door lock is even more than 10 billion yuan. Moreover, according to the survey, the average real estate price of more than 4,500 yuan / square meter in 70 key cities across the country, all of which have reached the purchasing power of purchasing intelligent electronic locks. These factors mean that the US smart lock has gradually formed a real market demand.

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