The future of the smart door lock industry

For the future of the smart door lock industry in the United States, some simple delusions can be made. With the advancement of technology, the constant change of the lock industry, the decline of the price of smart locks, the smart lock civilian market can not be ignored, the safe and convenient smart lock will replace the traditional mechanical lock, becoming the protagonist of the civilian lock market. The primary outbreak of smart door locks should appear in first- and second-tier cities. Subsequently, driven by first- and second-tier cities, third- and fourth-tier cities will also see explosive growth, which will greatly increase the market penetration rate. Under optimistic estimates, by 2020 the total demand for smart door locks in the United States will reach about 32 million. Of course, such data is only under the premise of optimal optimism. In view of the future development, in addition to the improvement of technology and the cultivation of the market, the construction of supporting services is also crucial. How to solve the consumption with a streamlined service method The pain points in the product service process are the key to the healthy development of the industry.

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