Iris recognition access control system

The iris recognition access control system determines the identity of people by comparing the similarities between iris image features and determines whether to open the door lock. The process of iris recognition technology generally involves four steps: one is to use a specific camera equipment to shoot the human eye, obtain the iris image and transmit it to the image preprocessing software of the iris recognition system. The second is to locate the iris, determine the position of the inner circle, the outer circle and the quadratic curve in the image; adjust the size of the iris in the image to the system setting parameters to normalize and enhance the image. The third is to take a specific algorithm to extract and encode the feature points needed for iris recognition from the iris image. The fourth is to match the feature code extracted by the feature with the iris image feature code in the database one by one to determine whether it is the same iris, so as to achieve the purpose of identity recognition. The iris recognition access control system does not require physical contact, and the misidentification rate is low and the reliability is high. However, it is difficult to miniaturize the front-end equipment and the cost is high, and it is difficult to promote it in a large scale.

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