The hot pattern of smart locks

In recent years, with the development of technology and the growth of user demand, intelligent products have continuously entered thousands of families. As the “entry-level” product of smart homes – smart locks, it has become the “window” of many technology giants and door lock companies. According to statistics, there are 1,129 smart lock enterprises, more than 2,800 brands in the country, and the blue-sea market of smart locks has been formed. The current hot-selling pattern of smart locks cannot be separated from three elements: market, policy and technology. According to statistics, there are about 460 million households in China. Among the towns with concentrated population, about 20% of the population is rented, and the proportion of renting in first-tier cities is as high as 40%. From the perspective of urban development and urban resources, the future is expected. The proportion of rentals will exceed 50%. This special situation will speed up the existing rental housing and the demand for smart locks in public rental housing and apartments.

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