The difference between smart door lock and traditional mechanical lock

The difference between intelligent door locks and traditional mechanical locks is mainly in terms of user identification, security, and management. The former will be more intelligent. Smart door locks should be based on adequate security, set up a complete security system with other security products, and access more home intelligence applications. Now, it seems that the B-end market conditions of enterprises, public spaces, hotels, etc. Mature, you can build intelligent scenes based on smart door locks, etc. Consumers’ C-terminal market related packages enter a perfect stage, and more intelligent scenes are slowly maturing.
Compared with traditional home appliances and lock manufacturers, this year’s smart door locks have many mobile phone manufacturers, and identification is their strength. “Fingerprint recognition has long been there, but the security has been greatly improved in the past few years because of the development of smart phones.” Zhang Dongsheng, CTO of Yunding Technology, revealed that the fingerprints were optical fingerprints, 2D imaging, if someone used paper to copy fingerprints. It can also unlock the iPhone. After the iPhone4, a capacitive fingerprint appears. After 3D imaging, the smartphone will be further innovated like live recognition and ultrasound.

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