Fingerprint access control system hardware

The hardware of the fingerprint access control system is mainly composed of a microprocessor, a fingerprint recognition module, a liquid crystal display module, a keyboard, a clock/calendar chip, an electric lock and a power supply. The microprocessor acts as the host computer of the system and controls the entire system. The fingerprint identification module mainly performs functions such as collection, comparison, storage, and deletion of fingerprint features. The LCD module is used to display information such as door open recording, real time clock and operation prompts, and a keyboard.
The fingerprint reading device (collector) uses the photoelectric technology or the capacitor technology to collect the fingerprint information, and then performs feature extraction and compares with the stored feature information to complete the identification process. This process is all done in the reading device, or the reading device can only perform fingerprint acquisition and then transfer it to a background device (such as a PC) to perform feature extraction and recognition. The device for fingerprint collection alone is easy to miniaturize, easy to use, and the system recognition speed is also fast. Fingerprint feature collection requires that the human finger establishes a prescribed relationship with the collector during operation. Therefore, the system friendliness is slightly poor.

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