Smart lock as an upgraded product of traditional mechanical lock

As an upgraded product of traditional mechanical locks, smart locks combine advanced technologies such as machinery, electronics and even communication, allowing users to easily throw in the keys and add more functions to the anti-theft. The family is safer and more secure. Safety and convenience can be regarded as the core demand of all users for the smart lock product itself. Another core requirement is the service aspect. The manufacturer needs to improve the after-sales service system under the premise of ensuring product quality. It allows users to use the product with confidence, even if there is a small problem, it can be solved in time, so that users can get the perfect experience.
The old community has more or less management problems. Advertising, advertising, leaflets, and people who do not know the vehicles are free to enter and exit, which brings great security risks. After the access control system was activated, the phenomenon was obviously alleviated, but the unintentional people could not be stopped. Access control card copying costs are low, fingerprints can be replaced by fingerprint film, as long as you want to come in, what access control is not a problem.
Before the face recognition access control system is officially launched, the community service center will notify the residents to enter ID information and face collection. After the face recognition access control is officially launched, people who have not registered information in the system are not free to enter and exit, effectively preventing strangers from entering and leaving at will, and further strengthening community safety management.

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