Multiple functions of access control attendance system

The access control attendance system has many functions such as personnel access, authorization, inquiry, statistics and anti-theft alarm security, and can also be used as personnel management and attendance management. The electronic patrol system is a variant of the access control system, which is mainly used in industries such as buildings, factories, warehouses and field equipment, pipelines and other fixed patrol operations. Its purpose is to help the leaders or managers of each enterprise to use this system to effectively supervise and manage the patrol personnel and patrol work records. The access control attendance electronic patrol system and software is to place the patrol point at the key point of the patrol route. During the patrol process, the security guard reads the personnel point with the patrol stick that he carries with him, and then reads the patrol according to the line order. Point, in the process of reading the patrol point, if the incident is found, the event point can be read at any time, and the patrol stick saves the patrol point number and the reading time as a patrol record. Regularly use the cradle to upload patrol records from the patrol stick to your computer. The management software compares the pre-set patrol plan with the actual patrol record, and can obtain statistical reports such as patrol missed inspections and delays. These reports can truly reflect the actual completion of the patrol work.

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