QR code access control system

The two-dimensional code access control system is an access control system that is controlled and managed by the mobile phone two-dimensional code, and integrates WeChat, cloud service, two-dimensional code recognition, and entrance and exit management. The user can send control commands to the access control system through the mobile phone, realize two-dimensional code opening, remote control to open the door, authorization management, send invitation code to specific personnel, switch door record query, system log query and other functions. Users can implement the operation through WeChat public account or WeChat applet. After the normal user is successfully registered, after passing the administrator’s approval, the access rights represented by the generated QR code can be used. Advanced users or administrators can review new users who apply, choose to reject, pass, and so on. The user can scan the two-dimensional code of the entrance and exit through WeChat, scan the access control, fill in the invitee information, set the effective time of the QR code, and send the generated QR code to the invitee via WeChat. . Scan the QR code on the access controller at the specified effective time to open the corresponding door lock and pass.

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