Mechanical automatic lock and smart lock

Let me talk about mechanical automatic locks. There are still a lot of mechanical locks that use automatic self-elastic locks. The advantage of this kind of lock is that after the door is closed, it can be automatically locked, and it is no longer necessary to take out the mechanical key to turn the anti-lock. The principle of the lock is simply that after a certain device of the lock body touches the door frame, the lock tongue will be ejected, and finally the anti-lock is completed. This type of lock is really a boon for users who often forget to lock.
Let’s take a look at smart locks. Smart locks are also divided into two types, one is a smart lock that lifts the lock, and the other is a fully automatic smart lock. But no matter which kind of smart lock, most of them can now check the lock status of the lock through the mobile phone APP, that is to say, if you don’t know the anti-lock, you just need to take out the mobile phone to see if it is locked, and remove it. Got downstairs and went upstairs to check the trouble.

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