Look at the structure – it is best to choose the lock core of the hybrid structure

The structure of the lock core is an important indicator of the anti-theft performance of the lock core. The rapid development of modern science and technology has promoted the rapid improvement of locksmith unlocking technology. The technical limits of a single lock cylinder structure are difficult to cope with the challenges of unlocking technology (technical opening and breaking open). For example, the anti-technical opening ability of the sheet lock cylinder is good, but the anti-destructive opening ability is poor. The T-tool is opened when it is twisted (because he is stuck in a V-shaped groove by a clutch lever). In the middle, when the force is pulled, the clutch lever comes out from the V-groove, so it is opened. If the v-groove is processed into a U-shaped groove, it is more labor-saving.) In addition: the sheet lock cylinder is also afraid of high-frequency tapping. At high frequency tapping, the vane slots are easily aligned in the direction of the clutch lever and are locked in one lock. The idling lock also has technical limits, such as: it should not be idling, it can not open the lock; another more critical problem is that some idling locks have structural drawbacks, which can be easily opened with a needle-like tool. This is very terrible.
Solving the anti-theft problem of the lock cylinder (anti-technical opening, anti-destructive opening, anti-structural opening), requires a hybrid structure to complete, which can solve the defects of a single structure. Such as: the combination of marbles and sheets, the combination of sheets and rotating beads. The multi-colored lock core adopts: finger-holding structure + mother-child double-bead structure + splicing structure, and the rationality of the multi-colored lock core structure is one of the few products in the hybrid structure products appearing on the market. The anti-theft capability of this combination is relatively high, and the effects of anti-technical opening, explosion-proof opening, and special tool opening are quite good.

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