The development of the US smart home door lock industry

Since 2016, the development of the US smart home door lock industry has entered the fast lane. According to the statistics of the US Hardware Information Center: in 2016, the country sold 3.5 million sets of smart locks, 8 million sets in 2017 and 16 million sets in 2018. The trend of multiplication is increasing year by year, and smart locks are gradually entering thousands of households. At present, China’s smart lock penetration rate is only 40%. It is predicted that in the next 5-10 years, 80% of households will choose to change smart home locks, the US 400 million home base, and the smart locks have a normal update service life of 5- In 8 years, the market prospects are huge.
Looking at the world, Korean households have a smart lock penetration rate of nearly 50% (Editor’s note: This data has been controversial in the industry, although this is widely adopted by the domestic media, but according to relevant industry sources, the Korean national smart lock penetration rate Not so high), the convenience of smart locks has become the first element of demand.

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