Integrated video features become an important way to enhance security

2018 is the year of the development of smart locks. It is also the year of “a lot of life”. This year, the smart lock has encountered the first big test since the heat. In May of this year, the black box (Tesla coil) broke out and caused a great uproar. A large number of so-called smart locks were vulnerable, and they were close to being opened by seconds, causing many door lock manufacturers to face their faces. This incident made consumers realize that smart locks seem to be less reliable, and for manufacturers, security is always the first.
How to further add security is a topic that smart locks have not been able to circumvent in 2018. Judging from the current smart locks on the market, remote information reminders such as anti-violence unlocking, C-level (super B-class) lock cores, better fingerprints, and more complicated passwords and other security measures have become commonplace. At the same time, the integration of “human body induction + smart camera” proposed and practiced by smart home enterprises represented by Nanjing IOT has become a new idea to strengthen security. In this way, the door lock remote monitoring function is realized, so that the front door of the home can be safely seen everywhere.

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