The smart lock industry is still in its infancy

Technology is always the core competitiveness of the industry. The smart lock market needs to be opened. First of all, it is necessary to conquer the public in terms of technology. However, the smart lock industry is still in its infancy in technology, and there are many problems to be solved.
First, the adaptability is insufficient. Due to the wide variety of locks on the market, the installation method and the form of opening the door are different. A smart lock is difficult to adapt to most security doors.
Second, the performance is poor. Some smart locks have poor anti-theft, anti-technique or damage opening. Many manufacturers have built the drive motor into the lock body, which is easy to cause the motor to displace and cause malfunction.
Third, there are various ways to open. There are a variety of opening methods for smart door locks, but they all have certain defects: high finger vein cost, insufficient iris recognition and high cost, face recognition can not achieve 100% recognition accuracy, and fingerprint recognition adaptability is poor. It is susceptible to factors such as humidity or skin condition.

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