The smart lock industry faces many problems

There are some markets, and there are opportunities. However, the smart lock industry still faces many problems. The biggest problem is that there are too many companies that divide food, 10 billion market cakes are divided, and some enterprises are not enough. . According to the research report, it is expected that the number of enterprises involved in the production of smart locks will exceed 2,000 in 2018.
In other words, the average output value of each company is only about 5 million. If every enterprise can share the average output value of 5 million, most enterprises still make some money, but the fact is that some small enterprises have less than 100 sets of monthly sales, so the output value of most small enterprises is less than 1 million yuan.
The data of the research report also shows that in 2018, the production and sales volume of the TOP20 smart lock brand accounted for about 60% of the whole industry. From this point of view, the remaining 2,000 companies can only eat about 40% of the market share, so most companies simply do not eat enough. In 2019, with the continued development of the head brand, their market share may be further enhanced. The market share of the TOP20 smart lock brand is expected to be closer to 80%, which is in line with the “two-eighth law.” Therefore, it can be foreseen that from 2019, the advantages of the head enterprises of the smart lock industry will be further highlighted, the market structure will gradually form, and the new enterprise will have a smaller living space.

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