About Mi Li Smart Lock

Milli MK fingerprint lock adopts four opening methods: fingerprint, password, credit card and key. The fingerprint is unlocked for biometric fingerprint identification. The semiconductor biometric fingerprint identification chip is used. The false alarm rate is less than 0.001%. It has independent mechanical anti-lock and will lock. When the knob is rotated to the horizontal position, the door lock can be locked, which can prevent anyone from opening the door in various ways to ensure the safety of indoor personnel and property, and bring a caring and safe home experience to the consumers.
Mi Li MK fingerprint lock pays attention to humanized design, with unique safety channel mode design, according to user’s use, choose to switch channel mode, easy to enter and exit, no need to frequently unlock. At the same time, the expansion interface is reserved, and the embedded Bluetooth module is supported. The user can realize the functions of Bluetooth opening, door opening and recording, smart home linkage, etc. through the mobile phone APP, and has good compatibility and openness.

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