Who Will Win The Smartlock Ship Date Race?

smartlock ship dateWhich Smart Lock Will Ship First?

We’ve been “down to the wire” on more than one occasion, but with each missed deadline it has been difficult to predict which smart lock would make it to fulfillment first. Of course, we all know that slow and steady wins the race, but it did appear that Lockitron was just moments away from scheduled shipping. We watched, we waited, we were not surprised when the date was pushed back, yet again.

Are any of the four smart lock developers on track for shipment? Let’s take a look:smartlock ship date

Lockitron Smartlock Ship Date

At this point in time Lockitron does not have an exact shipping date. Originally this smart lock system was scheduled to ship in March of 2013. Although they claim to have shipped at least one small, hand tweaked batch of their product, the only known receiver was a close friend of the Lockitron team. Sounds sketchy.

Since that point the shipping date has been pushed back countless times, infuriating customers who have been waiting over a year to receive their smartphone enabled deadbolt. The most recent push back assured customers the lock would be shipping between October 3rd and 10th. Being that today is the 15th and no updates or information regarding shipment have been given, it’s safe to assume the dates are being pushed back yet again. Some customers are now saying they’ve been told they won’t receive their product until late November.

August Smartlock Ship Date

Although August has provided no tangible evidence of production, they have recently set their shipment back a couple of months. Originally scheduled to be released in late 2013, the August lock is now expected to ship in early 2014.

August recently added a new EverLock feature to their system as well as two new colors to their options menu. Hey guys…It probably would have been a better idea to ship on time than add to your product line. Hindsight.

Goji Smartlock Ship Date

So far we have yet to see any real progress in the Goji lock. Everything they have claimed to offer since day one has been more of a prototype or idea, than an actual product. Due to a recent Twitter post, we believe they are just now trying to create a working key fob. The lack of a working product leads us to think that any dates set by Goji are indefinite. Originally their smart lock was schedule to ship in December of 2013, but they have recently pushed that date back, and now we are at March 2014.

Kwikset Kevo Ship Date

Originally, Kwikset planned to ship their Kevo lock system during the summer of 2013.  That date has been pushed back to the end of October. However, unlike the other smartphone enabled dead bolt systems, the Kevo lock has already been manufactured. UniKey has kept the public up to date on all information pertaining to their production via Twitter photos. The most recent photo released by UniKey was an entire unit of the Kevo locks, boxed and ready to ship.

If all goes according to each company’s current projections, the first smart lock system to be released will be the Kwikset Kevo lock. Following will be the Lockitron, then either the Goji or the August depending on exactly how early, “early 2014” is.

Based on the facts we have been presented with, we believe the Kwikset lock system will be the most successful. Backed by the top home lock manufacturer, Kwikset and Weiser, plus the fact they also have a working product ready to ship seals the deal for us.

Future product developers can learn from these four companies, and possibly from our coverage of each step of the process. We find it quite interesting that August hit the ground running with slick advertisement and no due date to miss. They initially bought the most extra time with their fans, simply because they never made any promises of any kind. Now that they have, it’s all gone downhill. What has your experience been with these smartlock companies? Leave comments and let us know!

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